How to get Plex to Store Track Progess in Audio Libraries?




Started using Plex for playing/accessing my audiobooks while away from home.

Also really good for long tracks(albums) with no track gaps (Pink Floyd, Pete Tong Classic House etc....)

I have turned on Store Track Progress - but it doesn't work, every time I return to the book/song it restarts again from the beginning.

A search indicates that this bug has been around for a long long time.

Is there anything else that can be enabled to make this option work?


No repsonse to this question....

Very disappointing that this bug remains for so long and no one seems to be able to able to assist with a fix or a workaround.

A great pity because Plex is soooooo very close to being a perfect Audiobook player/library if only it performed as documented :-(


It is a mistake to expect Plex to respond to inquiries like this. They only respond when the spirit moves them to do so. They said in roundtables last year that they were going to be more responsive to customers but that has not come to pass and I believe that it was said to make people wanting more and better communication to simply shut up and go away.

The "store progress" for audio files" feature is, like much else Plex has added is incomplete at best. Plex added that simply to, as the falsehoods in the roundtables did, shut people up.

There are many many unfinished or broken features that Plex has added just to get people requesting them to shut up and go away. The save position in an audio file was added to throw people wanting audio book support a bone. (or under the bus.) But it has never been thoroughly debugged or even finished.

Plex stopped development of many features Plex does not really want to add features that Plex believes are best for their users. Of course that really means features that are best for Plex.

I abandoned Plex for audio books some time ago and now all my audio is handled outside of Plex through a small computer running MediaMonkey. I found that was the only way I could have reliable audio playback and I suggest that everyone that really wants good playback and control of audio files find an alternative to Plex.

Plex uses new task/features as "avoidance therapy" so they do not have to keep working on the things that are not of current interest to them. Plex has a short attention span disorder that prevents them from finishing anything or, maybe, Plex should just be called quitters.


Unfortunately I can’t use MediaMonkey, I only have Macs.

A way around this maybe to use mp3 rather than consolidated M4B files.

Break up the audiobook into chapters and save them as mp3s, then Plex would at least show progress mp3s played which is better than trying to find your place in a 12 hour m4b.

Really disappointed in Plex and the lack of any response on a bug.


FWIW: Before deciding on MediaMonkey and while I still was trying to use Plex I used a converter to change my audio files to MP4s with no video track. I think for most players you might be able to simply rename the audio files to MP4. I know the rename "trick" works with the Roku but I have never tested with other players.

Using a conversion program has produced files that works with every client I have tested.

Once the file is in MP4 format Plex, and other players for that matter, remember the stopped position just fine. In fact all "trick" play works without problem.

I have not tried this in some time but it "should" still work as well as ever.


Thanks, I’ll try that!

Much appreciated


Ok, better, sort of, but introduces new problems.......

The screen powers down on iOS when no video is being played, and the audiobook pauses.

Same if you change apps.....

If only they fixed the bug and the these extreme workarounds would not be needed!


It seems to be working now - at least it is remembering location in the audiobook when I return