[Implemented] Disable "News" from the dashboard


I do not want to see "News" on my Dashboard, I would like to be able to remove it.

With "News", Plex have introduced another feature that I have not seen one request for in the forums, and yet they ignore feature requests from paying customers that have hundreds of votes. This is not a sign of a software provider listening to their customers.

Therefore, as a parting gift from me to Plex (I am now ending my subscription and moving to Emby) I have raised this feature request to remove "News" from our dashboards. For the few that want it, if any, it should at the the least be possible to disable it and not have it show up in our media collections or dashboards.


It's probably not gonna happen, they're using it for data mining I'm sure plus advertisement income. They do have make a profit out of the millions they spend on watchup.

Great that they're putting in way above all else like my own personal media. Jay for NewPlex.


I agree with Wheatism it needs removed or at least make it so that you can turn it off. i’m paying for my PlexPass so i shouldn't have to have it!


This really needs off the dashboard and requires an option to be disabled.


I also insist I be avle to disable it. Getting 'news' on my plex is the absolute antithesis of why i use plex. It goes or I go.


Have to be able to get rid of it. No idea what they are thinking with this nonsense.


Agree, I want the option to get rid of it as I have exactly zero interest in it, between this and the 2 second gap in music playback (I'm still in awe that this is a thing on any music playback system anywhere) they are making it easier and easier for me to move away


I find it alarming that we cannot disable this.
The appeal of Plex for me is curated content.
Now, suddenly, alien content I have no control over is intruding.
It sounds silly, but it really hurts the overall experience.


They need to allow us to disable it. +1


@Megillus said:

It sounds silly, but it really hurts the overall experience.

Not silly at all. This is a complete 180 degree turn from what Plex is meant to be. It's different from live tv because live tv is an extention of their DVR functionality which is getting the content the user wants.

This is different. This isn't a live tv extention, it's YouTube era fluff news from news sources who traffic in populist thought and mediocre journalism. It's for people who have 5 minute attention spans and only want to hear their own opinion repeated back to them.

This is Plex bowing to their investor overlords.

And if I decide to leave Plex behind (I'll give them 6 months) this 'feature' will be the reason.


I'm game, after all, what news does the Plexverse actually have? I mean, what are we talking about? The news on Plex? Local news or world news? The former would be a lie because Plex Inc, would not advertise the negative events or concerns the Plex community had and the latter would just be plain silly.
I actually quite fascinated by the changes and newly added features Plex has implemented. These changes are not motivated by a personal desire


Add option to disable please....


Ditto ditto ditto....


I can't see News in my dashboard.

Maybe it's enabled only for certain countries so far?

In any case I don't want news in my dashboard either.


Yup useless feature no one want


Count me in as a vote to allow disabling this feature. It may be useful for some, but it’s unnecessary clutter for me.


Absolutely agree. I didn't ask for news. I don't want news. I want it disabled.


It's only shown up on my Roku so far, but I hate it. I hate it so much!


I use Plex to escape from the nightmare hellscape of today's news. Please allow me wipe this news "feature" off the face of the Earth.


Contrary to what the media wants you to believe, WE ARE SICK OF "NEWS"