Is there any way to play local music on Plex App?



Everything is told in the title, I'dd like to play my local music on my surface since I don't always have internet access.


I definitely support this idea! Especially after the recent announcement of the possibilityto play movies stored on the SD card

I’m really hoping to see this functionality being extended to music

Reasoning: I sometimes want to listen to stuff I don’t want to take the hassle to organise and keep in my collection (low quality for example)
As Plex can’t do this without syncing, I’m using another player for that

It would be great to have one single app for all!

Any chance at all to get this feature??



With Android Auto support, Plex needs this feature more than ever. I’d also like to see other music related features: ReplayGain, gapless and crossfade


I always assumed since it says right under the name of your device “local and synced content” that if I knew the right place to copy my thousands of music files PLEX would see them and play them…(sigh)

Please enable music library playback of files stored on external USB OTG storage. I want to pull together an HD Audio system for my car. My wife likes the PLEX user interface as do I so I would like to keep it simple and use PLEX in the car to play my HD Audio files stored on an external SSD. My prof of concept was going to be an old android phone before I invested in a player with a good DAC that supports Android apps like PLEX and USB OTG.

syncing only supports lossy play back and you can’t control the location of the files.


It took a long, long time to find this post but yes, I wholeheartedly agree. Having Plex able to play music already stored on my Android phone would be awesome, as I’d like to use it with Android Auto. The GPM app - especially using with AA - is awful.


Can someone with respond? moledig is correct: The app strongly implies that it will play “local” content, but nowhere does it say how to tell the app where said local content resides. I’d have expected the Plex app to find it. Likewise, I found PlexAmp just as unintuitive.

We really don’t want to have to use a different app to play MP3s we may have copied to our devices.


I’m confused as everyone else is. I need a Plex Pass to play music stored on my phone or phone’s SD card? I thought the Plex Pass was just required for syncing content from a media server to a mobile device? Can a Plex employee please respond?


I would really like the Plex App for Android to play local music stored on my phones internal SD card.
I really do not want to be constantly streaming data to play music using Android Auto.


Until PLEX makes this a priority to allow existing music on either mobile devices’ internal or SD card storage to be recognized and played via PLEX try using MediaMonkey. They have Android Auto support that will draw from your local device. You may know of the app. Very mature and stable and a great audio player with great features…


Plex sucks going with alternative application


Yes please, I would also like plex to play my local audio music, podcasts and audio books and also keep the last played location for the next trip etc. I currently use VLC but then I can’t use android auto, I hate having to always upload my blogs and audio books to my server just to sync them to my phone so I can listen to them in rush hour traffic. It would be so awesome to use Waze to navigate and listen to local medial on my phone via plex. I also do not want to waste my data plan on streaming files I can just port to my phone and not my server. SAVE ME PLEX!!! YOU ARE MY ONLY HOPE!!!