Keep losing connection between PHT and controller.




I'm using both PMS and PHT in Ubuntu 14.04.
They have been working very smooth until yesterday.

Today, I found that web app and Plex on iPhone can't find PHT on Ubuntu.

I can't remote control it. so I have to turn TV on to listen to music.

I updated both server and client. Turned off firewall as well.

But no luck.

PHT only show up just couple of minute after launch. then just disappeared.


I'm having the exact same problem.
Still haven't found the cause, i think it started happening around 1 or 2 months ago.

Will post back here if I find anything else.


This is a know issue and it has been reported many times in the forums. PHT is not being developed anymore, so I doubt that this issue is going to be fixed. It has been fixed in OpenPHT 1.5.2 but there are no binary packages for Ubuntu yet, so you will have to build it yourself.