Mac mini Audio Configuration Help



Hey guys, can anyone help to properly configure audio out on Mac mini?

This is my setup: Mac mini running both PMS and OpenPHT connected to Maranz SR5008 AVR via HDMI, then to Panasonic 65" ZT60. Everything looks fine when Passthrough is enabled (besides the audio lag), but I'm not sure the OpenPHT audio settings are correct. Someone please provide a detailed configuration instructions on how each option must be set to get the best and most optimal output.

Here is another thing: The real struggle I'm having with is with my wireless headphones. The only way I was able to receive a perfect sound is connecting my Sennheiser headphones to Mac mini optical out then I simply switch the audio out within OpenPHT and start using the headphones instead. It only works if the Passthrough is disabled, of course, but the sound cuts off badly and it keeps dropping off throughout the entire movie, every 5, 10, 15 seconds and so on. I tried many variations of the audio settings, but nothing solved it. What should I do to get smooth audio playback via optical output?