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Hi, can you please include a feature to automatically group film collections and display that as a library. For example harry potter or iron man collection etc. I know you can do it manually and sort by collection, but in large libraries that becomes troublesome to manage. Plus it would be nice to see the films in watch order etc etc.


I've been using media browser until recently which did include a "collections" plugin and did all the above and worked great so I know it can be done. Looking at plex, I love the way it displays (and can sort by) the source resolution, sound quality etc so is easier to distinguish between a blu-ray and dvd source, something love to know and something media browser lacked (sorry MB!) so I can see me migrating over to plex, just wish this feature was there.




The Metadata Agent of TheMovieDatabase has a setting for "Use collection info from The Movie Database". The Metadata Agent can automatically import TheMovieDatabase movie sets.


does this work - it dosen´t seem to be working for me - do i have to delet my library and try again or what - i have the move data base selected not the frebase


Try Force Refresh. Be aware that this can create some strange movie collections. I don't use it.


The above option, although graciously accepted as a solution, doesn't appear to work too reliably.  I have used Media Browser and XBMC, both having done this easily and reliably.  Plex was built off XBMC.  I would think then that this would work a little better.

I don't want to complain too much, because Plex is the best home theater solution I've found, but perhaps the developers can put this feature in.



This would be a cool feature to use in watching sets of a movie. I use Media Companion to reign in the "tagging, xml, thumbs etc." I was hoping that movie sets would be able to be implemented. I too have a large collection.


+1 please enhance the automatic movie collections code.


+1, this would be a great feature.
until then i will deal with not having them grouped, as i too have a large collection


You can group them together using the Sort Order metadata field. But having one poster per collection that expands seems to be more complexity than is necessary.


Actually, it's very desiderable. Please improve it on both data fetch AND presentation in PMP/apps/web: a poster expanding to movies in collection would be the best thing.


I understand that there'd be some complexity, but that's the nature of everything. If I was to make three top requests, it would be that film series be collected together, that Plex Home would be free and that you would put TV series and Movies into common collections (relevant for me, since I like TV shows which are related to films, such as Marvel's Agent Carter and Captain America, for instance, and my daughter likes the My Little Pony tv series, and the Equestria Girls films).

So of my top three, two are dependent upon being able to auto-collect sets.

But I do think the ability to edit sets which are mismatched is important, but should go without saying.


Agree and +1 for movies related to tv series: adding to a single collection. Firefly and Serenity should be together, of course. Stargate and SG-1…
I understand why Plex Home isn’t free, which is why I bought a Plex Pass (already worth it), but I’d also agree with adding the ability to show collections with a single poster. Obviously complex, but perhaps a long-term goal for functionality?
Seems like Movie/TV grouping into a collection shouldn’t be too hard though.



Is there any news on this?

Display collections with a large banner (like “Alien”, “Batman”, “Marvel”) and under that have the different movies in normal small posters.

Automation is key to collections, otherwise we could use playlists.


So are collections supposed to be automatically generated from themoviedatabase agent when the option is checked? I tried refreshing all metadata and no collections were added.

Is this feature working currently?



Yes, @Talus it works, but this post is requesting more functionality. When you go into your Movies library, you can filter based upon collection, just like content rating. This post is requesting some way to view the collection like a tv series, instead of just a filter. Maybe even theme music (the James Bond movies come to mind…)
Additional request is to link movie and tv shows into one collection (I’d even settle for manual capability), such as Firefly and Serenity.


My mistake, I thought this thread was about automatic collection creation.

I understand from reading this thread that this feature is supposed to be present, but it isn’t working for me currently.


Regarding automatic collection creation - I noticed that there are actually two places you need to turn this setting on to make it work. You need to tick the box for “Use collection info from The Movie Database” in both these places:

Settings --> Server --> Agents --> Movies --> Plex Movie --> Plex Movie (click the gear icon)
Settings --> Server --> Agents --> Movies --> The Movie Database --> The Movie Database (click the gear icon)

I hope this helps. I spent ages trying to make this work before I found the box in Plex Movie Agent settings.


@RichieMorison Do I have to do a full metadata refresh after turning those two switches on or should the collection info just appear?

Edit: I ran a full metadata refresh and all is good now!


Thanks to RichieMorison and rorydonnelly for the tips. I had my settings configured correctly, but I didn’t do the full metadata refresh. Seems to be working!


The new feature where collections show up in the library is halfway there. The problem is that they show inline with the movies themselves. A better implementation would be to add it as a category ok the intermediary screen for the library. E.g.; when you go into Movies, your first screen shows recently added, new releases, etc. I’d suggest adding another category of “Collections”. Then, if you go into Browse All, you just get movies (not inline categories too).