Multi Part Movies - Plex only plays first part



I am using Plex on PC, iPhone/iPad and Samsung Smart TV.

All multi part movies I have are only playing the first half no matter which device I play it on. Plex is recognising both parts but the second part just will not play after this first.

This hasn't always happened, its fairly recent, I assume since the latest update?


Yes, me too.


On a 2-part movie, my Plex plays the same part twice. I am sure that file naming no problem, because same movie play very well half year ago.


I have the same issue. Plex doesn't group the 3 part home video I have and it stops with playing the first part. I need to go and press play for the second part and so on.


to @markmcalear and @sliverchiu
If it happens on any device then it's not a matter of the client not supporting multipart movies, have you checked that the media manager actually sees the movie as a multipart? Also please provide detailed info about the PMS version you are using, and does it work at least from the web interface?
Also be sure that the movie parts have the exact same video format, exact same audio format, same container, subtitle structure etc

to @venkatarangan
Same as before, more info needed and checking if Plex actually see it as multipart. I'm not sure that Plex applies multiparts to home videos too, never tried.


and not to mention - Stacking doesn't work across all devices.

Sometimes it's just easier to spend the few minutes it takes to join them together into one file:


I have had the same experience that sliverchiu had. My iPhone and Apple TV play only the first part of a two part movie (it will repeat the 1st part at the end rather than play the 2nd part). My old Samsung TV App plays the both parts as expected.

Given all the attention Plex gave to the iPhone and Apple TV apps, this seems a rather glaring QA miss....just sayin'


I msg'd sergiou87 directly and this is what he said about the problem:

Hey jjd57!
We're tracking the issue, we think it stopped working properly when Streaming Brain was introduced in Plex Media Server.
Unfortunately, the fix is more complex than we thought at first, and could break other playback, so that and the fact that we're very busy with new stuff… we haven't had time to work on the fix, sorry :(
We'll try to work on it soon, but unfortunately I can't promise anything at this point :/


I can confirm the same problem on my Samsung TV.
When checking the movie "Information", from a PC,
both part1 and part2 are listed, but when I open on
the Samsung TV only the part1 is played.


Anybody else having problems regarding pt2 and pt3 in files? Pt1 plays fine but pt2 and others usually start about half way through (Using Nvidia Shield). Everything plays fine on PMP for PC.