New rasplex installation without keyboard



I don't have a keyboard
And I would like to use a new rasplex
I thought to use python "keyboard " function to emulate the keyboard to configure the rasplex but I don't succeed to log in ssh...
Maybe it is because ssh will be only usable after the first conf...
Do someone has an idea?


I don't get what you are trying to do, you really dont need a keyboard to use the rasplex client if you are using a supported cec TV or some other kind of xbmc remote.

Plus you cant ssh from the rpi itself, shh sessions are a remote form of control and you can do that from any phone or tablet if you dont have a PC around


If you're asking if you can set up Rasplex without a keyboard, the answer is yes. If your tv has CEC, you can use the tv remote to navigate the setup.


Yes I new the CEC but unfortunately it is a video projector that does not have the function.
I am used to control the rasplex with the iPhone Plex app.
And in this case I am trying to connect to the raspberry with a ssh app.
It seems that ssh is not open. When I perform a scan port the 22 is not open....


Yes, ssh isnt activated before you log in
I guess you can activate it manually if you create "/storage/.cache/services/sshd.conf" inside the sd, but its so much easier to take rasplex somewhere else where you can use a keyboard or a cec TV or just make the instalation on another rpi and then just replacing the SD