No Library Sections





Started having this problem today where no Library sections are shown. I've attached the logs here:


This is PlexConnect 0.5-dev on Mac OS X Server Yosemite, PMS is using, connecting from Apple TV 2.


My server is configured for Plex Home but I have no users installed except primary account. I have logged in to MyPlex within PlexConnect using the default theme.


Any ideas?


I don't think this is the proper way to fix it, but, I got it working by going into settings.cfg and specifying the IP of the PMS (198.206.134.xx), and then going into the Server settings and telling it that 198.206.134.xx/ is allowed to connect without authentication. This looks like a problem with PlexConnect authenticating to the PMS via myPlex.


I’m running Windows 10 and having the same problem (No Library Sections). I moved everything to a new computer and it was fine for about 45 minutes, then I got “video not available”, then everything went away and I got "No Library Sections. I’ve been trying to figure it out for 2 days and nothing do is working. I’m not sure what log files will help, but I attached all would attach. I hope someone can help me. I need help BAD! Thanks.


So how do I authorize Plexconnect to connect to Plex Media Server?

Running PlexConnect on my ATV3, and had things to hay-wire and ended up deauthorizing my plexconnect on ATV and now I have the dreaded “No Library Sections.” I, stupidly, thought I’d be prompted to authorize the next time I tried to access Trailers…not so lucky.

Plexconnect log spells it out too:
19:56:38 PlexAPI: ***
19:56:38 PlexAPI: looking up Plex Media Server
19:56:38 PlexAPI: ***
19:56:39 PlexAPI: GDM: Servers discovered: 1
19:56:39 PlexAPI: Servers (local,, MyPlex): 2
19:56:39 WebServer: serving .xml: /PlexConnect.xml
19:56:39 WebServer: serving /js/utils.js
19:56:39 WebServer: serving /js/handlePlexConnectNavbar.js
19:56:40 WebServer: serving .xml: /library/sections
19:56:40 PlexAPI: No Response from Plex Media Server
19:56:40 PlexAPI: We failed to reach a server. Reason: Unauthorized

Pity da fool and help me figure this one out! Argh… and thank you! :smiley:


Add the IP adress of your atv to to IP list in Server settings.