No poster for 2 TV shows




I'm using Plex Media Serveur on my DS916+.

I deleted my TV show library by accident, so i created a new one but to of my TV show are recognized without any poster : Marvel's Defender and MINDHUNTER.

Can i backup locally my library ?

I try lots of thing but nothing works. Any idea ?



if you’re not in a hurry… keep trying it occasionally. apparently has had some issues all week.


You may need to Refresh Metadata for the shows that have no posters and if that does not work, then you may need to Plex Dance them.

Plex Dance (© OttoKerner):

  1. Remove offending files from your Plex Media Folder. (Make sure Plex cannot see the files at all)
  2. Scan Library Files (Not ‘Refresh All Metadata’)
  3. Optimise Database
  4. Empty Trash
  5. Clean Bundles
  6. Replace offending file/s into your Plex Media Folder.
  7. Update Library

Wait for each step to complete before moving to the next step.


Yep, me too - on a mac - and no images are downloading for TV Shows from thetvdb


tom is right, thetvdb has been wonky all week. For the last two shows i’ve added it’s not loading pics and the error logs give me the following:

2018-06-04 03:29:30,768 (7f911da64700) : ERROR (networking:219) - Error opening URL ‘
2018-06-04 03:29:30,769 (7f911da64700) : INFO (init:1062) - HTTP Error 403: Forbidden
2018-06-04 03:29:30,771 (7f911da64700) : DEBUG (networking:166) - Requesting ‘
2018-06-04 03:29:30,775 (7f911d776700) : ERROR (networking:219) - Error opening URL ‘
2018-06-04 03:29:30,775 (7f911d776700) : INFO (init:1062) - HTTP Error 403: Forbidden
2018-06-04 03:29:30,778 (7f911d776700) : DEBUG (networking:166) - Requesting ‘
2018-06-04 03:29:30,966 (7f911fcd1700) : DEBUG (networking:166) - Requesting ‘>/images/query?keyType=season&lang=en’
2018-06-04 03:29:31,002 (7f911e040700) : ERROR (networking:219) - Error opening URL ‘
2018-06-04 03:29:31,003 (7f911e040700) : INFO (init:1062) - HTTP Error 403: Forbidden
2018-06-04 03:29:31,007 (7f911e040700) : DEBUG (networking:166) - Requesting ‘
2018-06-04 03:29:31,009 (7f911dd52700) : ERROR (networking:219) - Error opening URL ‘
2018-06-04 03:29:31,010 (7f911dd52700) : INFO (init:1062) - HTTP Error 403: Forbidden
2018-06-04 03:29:31,012 (7f911dd52700) : DEBUG (networking:166) - Requesting ‘
2018-06-04 03:29:31,233 (7f911d776700) : ERROR (networking:219) - Error opening URL ‘
2018-06-04 03:29:31,234 (7f911d776700) : INFO (init:1062) - HTTP Error 403: Forbidden
2018-06-04 03:29:31,236 (7f911d776700) : DEBUG (networking:166) - Requesting ‘
2018-06-04 03:29:31,242 (7f911da64700) : ERROR (networking:219) - Error opening URL ‘
2018-06-04 03:29:31,243 (7f911da64700) : INFO (init:1062) - HTTP Error 403: Forbidden

So it seems like they need to get their permissions sorted out.


Yup, having the same issue with a few newly added shows. It will probably be resolved in due time, so I’ll just live with a few missing posters for now :slight_smile:


happens to me quite often. usually i wait a couple hours and then move the tv show or movie out and back in.
quite boring issue tbh.


First: Synology is normally slow to match. It’s a small processor.

Second, but most important, TheTVDB has issues with Banners (Posters) in their API. There’s nothing we can magically do at the site as an instant correction because they have the images everyone needs.

Work-around: Go into “Fix Match” and change the agent to TMDB. It will match that Series to TMDB and you’ll get all your posters once the series itself is paired with TMDB.

Engineering is putting together a more intelligent mechanism (there is already more than one source for posters). Fingers crossed but so far so good and hope we’ll see it soon.




No need to shout @ddanielww (All in upper caps)

As already said in this thread, it’s due to having problems, and as such, out of control for Plex.
All we can recommend, is either make sure that your scheduled tasks are running, since due to that, it will catch up sooner or later, or manually refresh from time to time


@ddanielww said:

  1. Directory and Filenames exactly as you have them please?
  2. As stated in MANY posts . Perform a manual match switching to TMDB for the manual match. When you do, it will pull metadata and image from TMDB.

This is the workaround until TheTVDB gets their API and internal problems with file permissions on their directories resolved.

Reiterating Dane22, There is no need to shout. Those of us who monitor the forum get every single post made. Depending on the volume, we may or may not be able to reply immediately


I did a bit of digging in the plex agent logs, as plex can’t grab posters, but gets the info.
Sonarr grabs both things right.

What i noted was this:
I am using Succession (2018) as an example.
2018-06-05 13:06:09,278 (7f31f0ff9700) : DEBUG (networking:166) - Requesting ''
Grabbing episode poster, success.

2018-06-05 13:06:10,059 (7f31cf5e7700) : ERROR (networking:219) - Error opening URL '' 2018-06-05 13:06:10,059 (7f31cf5e7700) : INFO (__init__:1070) - HTTP Error 403: Forbidden
Grabbing poster, ERROR.

Looking at the url, the poster is placed on, at thetvdb, this seems off.

And the banner is here:

Manually going to, lists EVERY single poster, on that site.

Could it be the agent, looking in the wrong folder?
(Maybe they changed the api, to separate posters/backdrops etc)

Just a thought.


Thanks all of you :slight_smile: