Nvidia Shield TV causing pop/static sound when pausing/resuming bitstreamed track



I currently have my NVIDIA Shield TV connected to my Sony X8500C TV using HDMI and have found that when I pause a video in the Plex app that has a surround track, an often loud pop or static sound is heard emanating from the speakers. When I reroute the audio from the TV to my receiver via optical and passthrough enabled, the receiver shows me that a stereo LPCM track is being received when the passthrough audio is paused and the switching from the bitstreamed track to the stereo track and back again on resume is where the noise occurs.
I’ve tested this scenario with Kodi on the Shield and it does not exhibit the same behaviour. When pausing the video in Kodi, the receiver shows that no audio signal is being received until the video is resumed.
Once the phantom LPCM stereo track has been triggered via plex by pausing a bitstreamed clip, from that point on until the shield is powered off and back on, the track will always show as present on the receiver when nothing is playing.

I’ve tried all combinations of Shield sound settings, and plex settings that I can think of but cannot resolve the issue.
I have also played the audio through the TV speakers without rerouting to the receiver and the pop/static noises can still be heard.
Note: The reason I opted to route the audio via the TV to the receiver rather than going direct via the receiver is due to the age of the receiver and my inability to get the refresh rate change option working, which does work when HDMI is connected direct to the TV.


Forgot to mention that Plex server in this instance is running on a QNAP NAS with a hard wired gigabit connection.


I think your question would be better asked in the Plex Player -> Android TV forum and not the Plex Server -> Nvideo Shield forum (this one) since you're not running Plex Server on your Shield TV.


Does it sound like this?


I think I might have seen the same issues..

Above video is paused on plex shield app on a dts file


That sounds quite different to what I'm experiencing but it could be down to the same phantom LPCM stereo track when paused. I only hear the loud pop/static at the moment of pause and resume. If I leave the video paused and put my ear up to a speaker I can hear a constant really low level noise indicating a signal is present which the receiver display confirms. I've also found that if I have framerate switching on in Plex, the phantom track will not appear once the video is stopped (it still appears when paused). If framerate switching is off then the phantom track will always exist while videos are stopped (After the first pausing of a video in Plex) until I power off and on the shield.


I’m having the same issues using the Plex client on my shield.


Same here. I use my Shield (2017) setup as a PMS and PMP. I noticed the same behavior when pausing a movie, the audio track changes to linear PCM. When I resume playback I get the popping sound from my speakers and sub. It can be pretty loud and I hope it is not potentially harmful for my system/speakers.

It does make the overall polished plex experience somewhat diminished.

I hope there will be an update soon.


I think this is an NVIDIA issue, as I get the same in other apps as well (VLC and Netflix). I also had the exact same issue on the NIVIDA Shield Tablet. And yes it sounds exactly like NaDs01’s video (albeit with slightly different response from my speakers).


I don’t have these issue anymore since I have upgraded to a new receiver. Could it have something to do with the shielding/interference of hdmi wires/connections maybe? You might want to check your cabling or placement of the shield device itself.

Anyway I’m glad I got it resolved. This might help someone else too.


I have the same problem. Has anyone solved this, please?


Just wanted to add a ditto to this.


Anyone, please.


I’m also having this problem on my shield TV. Happy to provide logs/config etc in order to try and help diagnose and fix the issue.


I just tried toggling on the “allow pass through” audio option and the crackling seems to have stopped. Good luck everyone.


I’m having this exact same issue minus static noise. I have a Polk magnifi max sr, samsung TV and nvidia shield. Everything is ran via arc. Makes my wife jump every time.


Any updates on this? I am also having similar issues.