OpenSubtitles Not Working



Hard to be much more specific than that – OpenSubtitles doesn’t seem to be working.

I have the Plex agents settings sorted out. I’ve check-marked OpenSubtitles as an agent under both Movie -> Plex Movie -> OpenSubtitles and Shows -> TheTVDB -> OpenSubtitles.

I have a Movies library and a Shows library, with the agents as Plex Movie and TheTVDB respectively, so that they can download subtitles.

I’ve clicked Refresh Metadata on each entire library.

What else am I missing? All I want is to learn Dothraki but how can I do that without subs!


What device are you trying to watch on? Also do you have an open subtitles account created?


Just the web client


I don't have an open subtitles account, I always thought that was optional. Or at least every guide I've seen says it's optional. I can try that


You don't need a account (or VIP account for that matter) but there is a limit of subtitles you can download per day.
First of all check out SubZero addon, much better than default opensubtitles agent.
You might also find this change in SubZero interesting:
opensubtitles: add VIP server handling + setting; VIP benefits: 10€/year, ad-free subs, 1000 subs/day, no-cache VIP server, help SZ and subscribe via



I was aware of the limit of subtitles downloaded per day, but I guess I assumed Plex would keep downloading them every day until the library completely updated with subtitles.

I may go the SubZero way (need to look into it), but out of curiosity, if I were to refresh the libraries every day for as long as it takes, would the libraries eventually get all the subtitles? Assuming it's getting any at all right now.


I'm quite sure that eventually all libraries would get all the subtitles. How Plex determines order of refreshing subs is beyond my knowledge. You can always dig in logs for more details. I had exact same issue back when I started with Plex, OS VIP helped a lot but real life saver was SubZero.