Dear plex users, it would sounds stupid, but thinking about watching a tv show on my Echo Spot, on a Sunday morning in my bed sounds like heaven to me. So after i got success by playing music on it from plex, (Alexa, Ask plex to play Public Ennemy"...which worked, with the music played directly from the SPOT speakers itself, i thought i could also watch a movie on the integrated screen (it worked with amazon Prime video). But Alexa mentioned something about video player etc... and it didn't worked. Any chance that will be a feature that will be integrated later ?


We have no current plans to support video content on Echo devices


Hi, what about the music? When i asked: Alexa ask plex "artist", it plays music to my nexus player but not from the echo spot itself. When i ask alexa to plex to change the player, it just keep saying only one player (nexus player) it detected. I want to use echo spot speakers. Does it makes sense?


Are you considering making plans to add support, or did you discuss and decide "we will not support this use case"?

If it is the latter, I'm curious what went into the decision making process. As I understand it, it would not be difficult to make your skill send the video stream and creds to the show. Perhaps there is a technical challenge there that I'm not aware of and, if so, I'd love to better understand it.