Plex ALWAYS transcoding when accessing from an external network. Internally works fine!



Hey all. I've got a rather frustrating issue - I use a number of clients (a local HTPC running OpenPHT, laptop running the official Plex Media Player etc) and ever since Plex autoupdated (not sure which version #) playing from OUTSIDE my LAN causes everything to be transcoded.

Take this scenario - I have a laptop cabled into my home network. It's running Windows 10 and the August 2017 version of Plex Media Player. Everything works fine when I'm at home, but as soon as I connect to an external network with the SAME laptop, a movie which was previously direct-playing suddenly needs to be transcoded. My PLEX server can't handle that and so the stream stutters. Weird - the laptop is exactly the same, only my network has changed.

Any ideas? I've trawled thru various settings etc and turned on all the "remote play" options to "original" etc but it doesn't make any difference.

Thanks in advance!


this is a question about PMP since you said the laptop is not running OpenPHT.. you should post in their forums


Sorry no, I meant that I've got BOTH OpenPHT and PMP clients on the laptop and it doesn't make any difference to the transcoding issue. I know this is pointing at a Plex SERVER issue, but no idea what.


Check under the PMS server settings / Remote Access / have you set something under 'limit remote stream bitrate' ?


No, it's set to "original, no limit". Been thru all other settings with a fine tooth comb and can't see why....


Turn on 'debug' logging on the server.
Then play something remotely. Take a note of the time.
Then inspect your Server log files.
The relevant lines should contain MDE:

Make sure your remote connection is working. If it is not, your connection may be routed over the Plex Relay. And that one is restricted to 2mbps - which could be the reason for the transcoding.