plex amp blank interface



I wanted to report a bug of plex amp, While the program is running should it be closed suddely for any reason the program will open the next time in blank state like seen here:

i dunno if the auth token goes missing or something but deleting all plex amp and reinstalling and re authoring the app seems the only way to get it back to work.


If this happens again, can you zip up all the JSON files (e.g. server.json, config.json) so we can see what’s going on, and DM them to me?


Great idea, similar problem, the UI appears to go blank after screen saver activated.
Screenshot looks like this after it goes blank

Am sending you zipped files by DM. Have zipped up everything in



@AWHS ~ AFAIK this is a known issue when the display powers off on Windows, we’re not sure what causes the scaling to get whacky.


I’m getting a blank interface today too on Windows 10 client.

I can open the playlist menu and it shows recent tracks etc, but nothing on the main screen. Visualisers are ok but no track info.


Just installed the Windows 10 1803 update and it’s back to normal


After extensive use some days it’s fine, and others it’s blank. Sometimes I just get the recently played list showing. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the screen going to sleep (mine rarely does at work and it fails to display anything on program launch).
Reboots sometimes fix it.