Plex deleted files after "Scan Library Files"



For some reason plex deleted two movies and tv shows after clicking on "Scan Library Files". This is what I did; I used plex to optimize my movie and tv shows from MKV to MP4. Then I moved the optimized versions (MP4) over to the parent folder and deleted the original (MKV) files. Then I went to plex and "Scan Library Files" and that is when they started to be deleted. I checked my server setting library and the Allow media deletion was checked (I never checked this box, seems to be on by default.)

My questions are:
1. Is this feature a special deletion feature that should be fixed, why does the "Scan Library Files" delete files?
2. Is there a way to recover my lost movies and TV shows?
3. Was there a post about this before, I couldn't find it?

OS System:
Freenas 9.10 using plex pluggin version

Any suggestions would be awesome.


Well Plex does not delete files by itself. What it does, especially after library scans and if you marked "empty trash after scan", is to remove the entries of movies/episodes which are gone from their original place, e.g. you deleted/moved them.

So I guess in your case the entries for the mkv have been deleted, which is perfectly fine. Still, if you did as you told, Plex should have recognized your new mp4 versions and add them to the library. Are they there? If not, did you name them correctly?

I would run another scan and see what happens. Again, Plex does not delete files from your file system all by itself.


Plex does delete files!!!

Happened to me with 4 full seasons of Miami Vice. I scanned, it found the movies. I scanned again ... Plex deleted the files. That behavior was/is repeatable. Also for me it only happened with Miami Vice. Hundrets of other series/seasons/episodes were handled fine.

What helped: after the first scan I revoked Plex's write permission to the files. Problem solved.


Coxeroni, thanks for the reply. Plex did delete my files and I did do a rescan. Looking at folders the movies/TV shows are placed, they are gone. The naming convention I used mirrored the MKV files. Please give it try and let me know what your experience is. (Make sure you copy movies/tv shows in a different location (backup)-this was my mistake and also not doing snapshot).

marcelhehle, thank you for the reply and confirmation. After it deleted I did uncheck the "Allow media deletion" box in Setting -> Server->Library. Is that what you did to revoke write permissions?

Is there a way to recover the files i.e program of some sort.?


No ... I changed the Unix file permissions. I'd never ever trust an application when it comes to that, so I solve those things outside.


Thank you, that is what I did. I also created another dataset for write permissions to hold my movies/TV Shows before I use Plex Optimize feature. When it is done optimized I am going to move it over to the primary folder that only has read permissions.


ithis software has deleted my files also is there someone from plex on here to help fix have turned of write permissions turned off empty trash sometimes folders are there but empty sometimes folders and data gone. fixing to cancel membership and go to power dvd


mordsith, I don't think there is a case opened with plex. I just turned off write permissions for the application for the drive/dataset ( I am using freenas.).