Plex Doesn't see itself



I just installed rasplex on a raspberry pi 3, it had me enter a pin that I got from or something similar and I can see it as a device when I go to the server (also running on a pi 3) directly in a web browser on a PC on the network. I did that, went to the IP x.x.x.x/32400 and logged out with the intention of logging back in thinking that may help the rasplex see the server.

Now the LOCAL server doesen't see itself. I am logged into x.x.x.x:32400/web and its trying to find a plex media server. How does that make sense? It is the plex media server.

From searching it seems the best advice is to log out of the server itself but thats what I did.


Oh and from support articles I found:

“Click the Settings button and then select Server on the right. If more than one Server is present on the network, select the Server in which you’re interested by using the dropdown on the left.”

From settings I can’t select server, I can only select devices which shows the server but I cant do anything except remove it.


Raplex is not a Plex server. It is only a Plex client.