Plex DVR Issues



I've recently purchased a HDHomeRun Connect and configured it.

Some of the shows that are listed in the Program Guide and that are selected to be recorded never appear in the Recording Schedule. In the Recording Priority menu they are listed as having 'No upcoming airings', even though the Program Guide lists all the upcoming episodes.

I've re-added the DVR and checked all the listings configurations a number of times. Other shows record every episode.


I have the same issue. This issue is also related to that show NOT recording even though it is in the guide (Gracenote Onconnect). I have this with a few shows. This is a guide issue and I think it might be related to the way in which the guide and the upcoming relate especially if Plex gets its what to record info from the upcoming database! I wish they would fix this ASAP as it ruins a lot of good shows!!


Yep same issue with me I have the same config with HDHomeRun Connect very frustrating. It was working very well before the last few updates. The Comskip feature was very nice.


I’m having this same issue as well. I recently purchased an HDhomerun DVR sub, It catches the show but i’m missing the ComSkip feature.


Here’s something interesting. If i take my show in question and click the record new and repeat episodes option, it will show up in the recording schedule. even though the episode hasn’t aired yet.


I have this exact same issue and it’s driving me crazy. It seems after I’ve recorded the first of say a 3 game baseball series that lists the game with the same name the following 2 days, it shows fine in the guide but when I go to record, it shows “No upcoming airings”. It shows it is setup to record but only shows up in the recording priority far right and not on the actual schedule. Please Plex, this has cost me to miss several big games, NBA and MLB. I need to know a way around this or have it fixed immediately. If we can see it in our guide, force it into our recording schedule!