Plex for Steam Link



Hi All,

Just wondering if there has been consideration for Plex Player\App for the Steam Link box?

It streams well and would probably work much better then my Xbox 360.


ageed. just to clarify, he's talking about a native app developed using the steam link SDK released at the end of last year, NOT just adding a browser link to PHT to your steam library. this would be awesome.


This would be amazing. Its a $50 decoder box that is on ethernet and can decode high bitrate streams.


Is this the best place to track if there is any work being done to create a plex app on the steamlink ? As a noob, where would I track such things?


This is such a good idea. I too have an aged xbox360 JUST for watching Plex and Netflix which sounds absurd. Apparently you can use chrome as an app and then browse to it but an app in itself would be cooler.

#6 is probably the best place keep up to date on app progress. From what I've read there already seems to be wa working version of Kodi.


Progress for Kodi seems slow. Stuck on not getting proper hardware support. Maybe Plex can expedite some contributions for that coupled with the new Plex for Kodi addon?


It is a great ideea … Plex, please go for it and build an app that will work on Steam Link!


I just wanted to say I would love to see Plex for the steam link.


I would love to see this aswell, anyone ever looked into building it for Steam Link?


Such app would be grateful!


I agree this would be a welcome addition to the plex family. I just got mine with the mail today, bought it on sale last week.


Yeah definately but I don’t think that there will be one… But except from some artifacts from time to time the Kodi-Plex-App runs quite nicely


Oh yes! Plex app for Steam link would be so nice.