Plex Media server Version not reading local metadata in files



Has something changed The latest release for Plex Media server for Windows (version not reading local metadata in files. I have my posters and all data embedded and it use to work, now it stopped working. Any ideas?


I had a somewhat similar issue, I had a music album which only included 2 of the 9 songs (as the others had dodgy metadata). I updated the local metadata with a different program (musicbrainz picard) but the only way I could get Plex to utilise it was to remove the folder from Plex, empty the trash and then add the folder again. Maybe removing your whole library and adding it again might work.

It would be useful to have the ability to force use of local metadata (there is a section in settings which seems it might relate to this but I cannot understand it, and playing around with it didn't fix my problem)