plex needs to reload upon every launch



Hi guys,

When i first got the shield, the plex experience was awesome. Recently it's been a bit of a let down.. the most annoying issue is when we open up plex, it shows us the little PLEX logo, then a bigger PLEX logo, an empty screen which eventually populates with the library. I think this is also affecting the recommended items on the home screen of the shield as it no longer shows newly added shows unless we open up plex (pretty useless!)

When we used to open up plex, our library would just be there instantly - when did this change? Or is it something i can fix on my end? I'm running the latest plex server docker on a synology box.

The other issue is when trying to start some media, it just hangs with the spinning loading icon. We usually have to go back and try to start the media again.

Needless to say - these are two pretty painful bugs to the point where we're thinking about moving away from the shield for plex.

I won't bother getting into why the interface feels super old vs plex media player on PC or the appleTV version but hey, what can we do. When i first bought the shield it was supposed to be the best plex player but i reckon they've neglected it for appleTV :neutral: