Plex "News"



I have updated my Plex Server but can't work out how to get the "Plex News" feature to work on my Xbox One. I am presuming that it doesn't work with this yet. It does say on the website "Your news on all of your devices" but i guess this doesn't mean ALL?


I think your the first person I have seen actively looking for this feature rather than trying to remove it, I am assuming that they haven’t gotten around to updating all the apps yet, I would imagine it would appear in the next couple of weeks


I’d like to see it in the Plex Web client. It likely won’t replace for me though.


I would very much like this feature to be active on my Xbox One. I find myself starved for news content on the large screen especially since I’m a cord cutter.


Yes - I too would love this to be on my OpenPHT as well… The news under the ‘Online Content’ that is.