Plex not downloading metadats


Just started this morning, hangs and never downloads the metadata. I can match it correctly, but nothing is being added. Logs attached. Any help would be amazing.


..........Beauty and the Beast (2017)\ <--- nice, actually - congratulations
..............Beauty.And.The.Beast.2017.HDRip.XviD.AC3-EVO.avi <--- a horrific disaster

Issue #1: Non-Compliant Folder/File Name.
Issue #2: See Issue #1.

Compliant Example:

A Movie Library/
.............Beauty and the Beast (2017)\ <--- nice, actually - congratulations.
................Beauty And The Beast (2017) [.HDRip.XviD.AC3-EVO].avi

1) whoever invented dots for spaces in file names needs a thorough and severe spanking.
2) File Name must match folder name and both must be compliant.
3) All that extra Bul****t that's making your file name non-compliant should be:
...3a) deleted
...3b) put in [Brackets] so Plex will ignore it.

Fiddling with names and structures with the item(s) still in the library will likely return undesirable results:

The Plex Dance®:

1) remove show/movie from library
2) update library
3) empty trash
4) clean bundles <--- update library, empty trash, clean bundles
5) bring names and structures into compliance
6) replace corrected show/movie into library
7) update library

All Steps. In Order. No Shortcuts.

Now... before you start screaming that you have 'other non-compliant' files that work just fine - you should know Non-Compliance breeds:
When you least expect it. What works today, fails tomorrow - or this morning - out of the blue.

You may well have other issues, but the immediate issue in your non-compliance issues. Fix those (with at least one item), then we can move on to something else.

FileBot (link in my signature) is the #1 Plex Companion tool.
All those naming/structuring issues handled in seconds - manually or automatically.
It just doesn't get any easier than that to achieve 100% compliance and calm the troubled waters in your Plexiverse.

Reference - I'm not just making this stuff up as I go:


Got it, seems to of fixed it!

Thanks for your time. really appreciate it.