Plex on NAS


Hi, Is it possible someone who has gotten Plex to work on a Synology NAS working, might slap together a checklist as to how they achieved this magic? Specifically, getting Plex to recognize the network folders where your media is stored. I have tried the various suggestions posted on these forums, and have been totally frustrated by lack of success. Obviously, I am missing some key step in the process, but which one? Thanks to anyone kind enough to take a few minutes and possibly enlighten this novice user?


Assuming all your folders are setup on Synology (unless you know how to give yourself read/write permissions)

  1. Mount MediaCenter (Synology Nas) to PC for easy editing
  2. Install Plex (correct NAS version…manually works best for me)
  3. organize media folders/filenames on NAS you wish to use for Plex
  4. add folders
  5. Agents

Key parts: Since plex likes to be controlled by web and you will most likely do so from a laptop or pc, Mounting/mapping your network drive (synology nas) is extremely helpful for adding folders without having to memorize the network location; (//volume1/video/…etc)

I will include examples.
Video (folder)
I made sub directories: Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos, Home Videos & Children Movies, Children TV Shows
On my PC, I mounted/mapped the main video folder and gave it letter V. So it looks like: Video (\MediaCenter) (V:)
I did the same concept for letter M: Music and P: Photos.

When you go inside Plex to add folders (step 3), browse for the locations.
For example: /volume1/video/Movies
Volume1 is your Synology drive (think of the root folder in MediaCenter), where video is the default video folder Synology wanted, and the movie folder is the subcategory to store your movie media. Inside that folder should be individual movie folders containing the movie file and poster file (optional).


Thanks, ProfitC. There must be something I did during setup that makes my system totally whacked from the way all of you did the setup routine. My media folder never shows up in the “Browse Media folders” menu, and if I attempt to do the UNC type-in routine, it just says “nothing in your movies library” message. So anyway, I may as well return the unit, as this was my main use of installing the unit in the first place. Thanks for trying!


Hey ProfitC, Just one last dying question. SHould the path be \DiskStation\music…
or //DiskStation/music/… ? I have tried every combination of possible paths, and Plex just says “nope, nothing here”. Yet the somewhat inadequate DS apps for video and audio find them without even trying. This is like trying to understand Einstein’s math equations to me, eg. unfathomable.


Sorry for the late reply! If I can help,
In Plex: don’t type in the address. You have to click for the folders. Its annoying and a feature I would love to see change.
You have to click volume1 (or whatever your hardrive on synology is called, (should be located under the “/” folder. then click and open folders as you would if you were on a pc looking for files. Once you find your music folder or subfolders, click add, then save changes. it will take a while to do its thing depending on the size of your library and the meta data it needs to fetch.