Plex on Pi3 not updating metadata, posters etc since about 5 days ago



Hi, my Plex servier running on a Pi3 with Stretch has stopped updating metadata since about 5 days ago.
I have run apt-get update and upgrade just now to make sure I have the latest version, but it is still not updating. What could be the reason for this?


Mostly likely a network or DNS issue. Your Pi3 is not able to communicate with Please check the network, reboot the Pi3 and post the server logs, if the issue still remains.


Hi uglymagoo!
Thanks for the response. I have been juggling the amazing weather with some troubleshooting, including removing and adding the firewall, configuring a new router, etc. But the problem remains. I have attached the logs. I hope you find something useful. :smiley:

The Pi3 is connected to the network, and it can reach the outside world fine. (Deluge (for downloading linux distributions ;), ping etc works without any problems.)


Ohooo! I all of a sudden realized that perhaps those logs wouldn’t be too scary after all. And I saw an ERROR in the log saying Error creating directory “/var/lib/plexmediaserver/Library/…”
I checked, and a bit down in the hierarchy the owner of the directories wasn’t plex, but root, and the permissions were 755. So I changed the owner to Plex with chown -R plex /var/lib/plexmediaserver/*.
After that it seems like it started to work. :slight_smile: