Plex suddenly "Not available outside your network". Totally stuck, could use some help!


I have plex pass, but have only managed maybe three hours ever with access outside my local network. Thought I had it figured out, but no… now all I get is a second or two of availability then it turns red again. I've done all the troubleshooting tricks, it just doesn't work.

Would love it if someone can help me trouble shoot! I'm on a Mac (OS 10.11.6 El Capitan). I have a cable modem, then an Ooma base station, then an Apple Airport Extreme for wifi (in bridge mode).

Any ideas? Thank you!


Still can’t get outside access to my library. I go green for a few seconds, then red. No settings changed from when it worked. Found lots of people with the same problem (going back YEARS!), but not a single answer how to fix it.

All I want is remote streaming of my home music library over the internet. Any services or apps beyond PLEX that will do this (on Mac)?


Same problem here. This has happened before when Plex’s matchmaking servers have become borked. Hopefully they fix this problem soon. Very annoying…


experiencing exact same thing.


Update: My son (who is an IT guy by training) fiddled with the port mapping on my router (set it to port 32400) and set my workstation to an internal static IP address. Whatever he did got me back online… so it’s not something on the PLEX side. Wish I could be more specific than that, but right now everything is working again.


Most likely setup port forwarding which is required for access outside your LAN. Default port is 32400.


That’s what I meant, thanks.