PlexAmp Feature Request: Chromecast Integration


I was wondering if it would be possible to integrate the following solution into PlexAmp:

It's a small Electron app that casts the OS's audio stream to a Chromecast. It works well on OS X and Windows and plays fully gapless. I've used it with PlexAmp and it works great apart from the fact that all audio is sent to the Chromecast, not just PlexAmp. I'd prefer to hear my music without notification bell sounds and other sound going through the amp.

It shouldn't be too difficult to adapt this idea to PlexAmp and just send the mpd audio stream to Chromecast instead of the OS audio stream. I'd love to help out and integrate this, but unfortunately PlexAmp isn't open sourced :wink:

If this could be integrated into PlexAmp, the app will be absolutely perfect for me. I love the interface, the cross fade and the gapless playback and remote control from other Plex apps :smile:


Interesting project, thanks for sharing! Would like to see Plexamp able to “cast” to more than it does now, definitely a possibility for the future.


+1 on this. I was just looking around for this very thing this morning. Plexamp doesn’t have enough utility for me as is, but being able to cast to a Google Home/Mini/Chromecast would have many uses for me, especially since I have my devices grouped to provide whole-home sound.


+1 again - would absolutely love to be able to stream gapless and the radio stations to my chromecast.


This feature is already preset. At least in the MacOS version. In the taskbar at the top you will see a Plexamp icon, click that then select “Player”