Plexamp - Frequently Asked Questions


Plexamp is a small, dedicated music player for Plex. It’s designed to allow quick and easy access to your music content for playback and even includes fun features such as visualizers for the music.

Note: Plexamp is an experimental app offered as part of Plex Labs. We do not currently offer any official support for Plexamp and it’s offered “as-is”.

General Questions

What platforms support Plexamp?

Plexamp is currently available on:

  • Windows 7 or newer (64-bit only)
  • macOS 10.9 or newer (64-bit only)
  • Linux platforms that support AppImage

How do I move the app window?

The app can be moved once you choose something to play. While playing, simply click and drag in the top half of the album art/visualizer.

How do I browse my library?

Plexamp is not a normal Plex app in the sense that you’re not intended to just straight “browse” a music library. For instance, you can’t just browse through a grid of all your artists or albums. Instead, Plexamp helps you find what you want to play with powerful searching and discovery features.

When the app is focused, simply click the search bar at the bottom. Start typing what you want to search for (whether a track, artist, playlist name, etc.) and you’ll get search results almost instantly.

Or, if you don’t actually search for anything, then “discovery” information is shown to you. You’ll see things such as Recently Played, Recently Added, Recent Playlists, and more. This can let you quickly find things you’re likely to want to play.

What are the “Radios”?

When connected to a current version of Plex Media Server, you can access special “radios” based on your music collection. The larger your music library (and particularly if you’ve rated your content), the smarter these radios can be to help serve up an awesome experience to you.

  • Library Radio - Located in the Discovery view, “Library Radio” takes you on a tour through your collection based on popular or highly-rated tracks.
  • Time Travel Radio - Also in the Discovery view, “Time Travel Radio” starts with some of the earliest tracks from your collection and then continues progressing through time toward really recent stuff.
  • Artist Radio - You’ll find “Artist Radio” available when viewing an artist in the app (e.g. after you click on the artist name). When you start the Artist Radio, you’ll get some other tracks from similar artists also automatically queued up. As you progress through, you’ll occasionally hear other tracks from your original artist, but also continue branching out to tracks from other similar (and “similar to similar”) artists.

How do I change the volume?

There are no volume controls in the app itself. Instead, simply use the system volume controls on your computer.

When will [other Plex app] support [feature]?

Plexamp definitely contains some cool, new, experimental features. We’ll be looking in to how and where it makes sense to bring in some of these features to other apps. We don’t have any specifics to share on when any such changes might occur, though, sorry.

Can I “skin” Plexamp?

Sorry, there’s no skinning support for Plexamp. There’s some customization with display size (see below) and visualizer choice, but no general skinning.

Are there any keybinds?

There sure are! Keybinds when the app is focused:

  • space - toggle play/pause
  • l - show lyrics (that’s a lowercase “L”)
  • esc - hide lyrics, play queue, or discovery
  • / - toggle the visualizer on or off
  • , - previous visualizer
  • . - next visualizer

There are other keybinds or general keys that are available even when Plexamp is not the focused app.

  • Media keys - previous/next track and play/pause toggle (general media keys for the OS platform)
  • Bring Plexamp to the foreground and focus search
    • Win: Shift+Control+Space
    • Mac: Shift+Command+Space
  • Rate the currently playing track 1-5 stars (0 clears the current rating)
    • Win: Shift+Control+Win+Alt+0-5
    • Mac Shift+Command+Control+Option+0-5
  • Volume Up or Down
    • Win: Control+Alt+Up / Control+Alt+Down
    • Mac: Command+Option+Up / Command+Option+Down

Player Controls

When content is playing, you can control playback and toggle certain features.

What are the VIZ and LYR buttons for?

Those buttons will toggle the Visualizer or (when available from the server) lyrics for the track.

How do I seek in a track?

When the app is focused, hover over the main content area and you’ll see a seekbar above the yellow track progress bar. Click within that area to seek to that point in the track.

If you don’t see the variable loudness data there, that indicates that the Plex Media Server doesn’t have the loudness data available for the track.

Using the App Menu

Click (or right-click, depending on the platform) the Plexamp entry in your menubar or system tray to open the Plexamp menu.

Can I change the app size or hide it altogether?

The Size selector in the app menu allows you to choose the app size:

  • Nihilist - Don’t show the app UI at all. You can still control it with media keys.
  • Hipster - The smallest visible UI. You might like this on a small laptop screen.
  • Regular - A normal, default size for the app.
  • Roo - Big and bold, because that’s how it’s done Down Under!

Are there multiple visualizers?

You can choose between different visualizer versions in the Visualizer selector in the app menu. Note that the Soundprint option will only work if the Plex Media Server you’re using supplies loudness data for the track.

How do I choose a different library?

Use the Source selector in the app menu to choose which library you would like to use for the app. It will include both your own music libraries and any that are shared with you.

Can I remote control another Plex app?

The Player selector in the app menu lets you choose which player to use for output. You can choose Local to play on Plexamp itself or choose another Plex app to control.