plexamp has just stopped working on my Mac


I have being using plexamp on my mac (IOS 10.13.4) and it was working perfectly, then installed the new security upgrade from apple (2018-001) and plexamp has stopped working. Its connecting to my PMS, showing all my music in the discovery window, but when I select anything (song/radio station/album) nothing happens. The play/pause button doesn't come up, it just sits there.

I have tried simply uninstalling & reinstalling by sending app to trash. There didn't appear to be any residual files in the logs or caches, but when I reinstalled it automatically picked up my PMS, so I don't think I uninstalled it correctly. Looking at the forum, for a winows machine, there is a folder in the local folder (see below) but I can't see the ios equivalent.


Any suggestions?



We'd need to see logs to have any idea what might be happening. Before that, try signing out and then signing in again, that would nuke existing settings.