Plexamp - Linux Observations


Good to see a release of Plexamp for Linux. Just a couple of observations:

Good Stuff

Gapless playback! - (For all that is holy please sort this for android / other apps so I can play music properly when not on desktop computer).
Looks really nice
Integrates into Gnome 3 for notifications lovely but...


Because it installs as an .appimage it doesn't integrate into the rest of the desktop environment correctly (Gnome 3 on Fedora 27) - Eg there is no right click menu to get to any of the settings in the menu bar / system tray - Therefore I cannot change size, change source or check for updates etc. Default layout a little too small. (I wonder if I could change it in settings file but that's a bit of a bodge). I would like to see what other size layouts are like to use!

Recently played and recently added do not change - I think this is my setup. I have three music libraries added - Music, Audiobooks and Podcasts. It seems to only show info from Audiobooks, being the first library. (Off the point but also build in proper support for Podcasts / Audiobooks into Plex)!

The above also affects Library Radio and Time Travel Radio - Will only pick up from the Audiobooks one and not the others.


I’m currently using i3, and I have system tray functionality. Not sure why that would not be working in your environment, but I do not believe that is due to the application being an AppImage.


running gnome 3.24, plexamp shows up in my tray. Only real issue i have is that media keys don’t seem to work with plexamp. Have yet to try with any other desktop, so not sure if it’s just a gnome thing.


It shows up in the system tray but the only menu item is quit.

Searching forum I see there are a couple of other people reporting it too.


@TheYetiWakes said:
It shows up in the system tray but the only menu item is quit.

That makes me feel like it’s the wrong menu. The app menu on the sidebar or whatever it’s called only has quit. The tray icon is what you’re looking for, and you might need something like this.


I’ll have a look as worth a try but haven’t had tray icon problems with any other app. Eg Clementine etc. All showing fine. Should never assume but would guess that bug would kill all app tray icons?

Will let you know. Thanks for the lead.