plexconnect op raspberry pi?



Hi all,

Today I'm running Plex Server v0. on my ReadyNas Ultra 2 (Raidiator 4.2.31), and Infuse on my jailbreaked apple TV 2nd generation.
But I'm missing out on the IOS 7.x featured and Airplay mirroring so I would like to update the Apple TV.

Would I be able to install and run PlexConnect solo on Raspberry Pi? Most likely following the linux installation guide? Has anyone tried this? I noticed someone have done this, but he still has his mac to support the setup? can it run stand alone on the rasberry Pi with any other windows or mac host?

So the future setup would be:
Plex server as I have today (not able to change that)
Apple TV 2nd gen ios 7.x
Raspberry Pi with PlexConnect to secure interface from Apple T to PlexServer


Yes, it is possible to install PlexConnect in a RasPI, provided that you install Python 2.7.8.

You can also install PlexConnect in a jailbroken ATV2, I think that the instructions are here but probably it's less stable than installing PlexConnect on a separate device.