PlexConnect V0.6 has been released



More details in

Wiki is not updated, this is going to be my next task. Suggestions are welcome.


How can I tell which version I’ve been using, I assume I’ve been using v0.5. Just copy this and add my Certs to it? Just need to find out which version I’ve been using though.

Ah, forgot you can see the version in PC on the ATV! So I’m updated. I can play the content that was refusing to play now! Great Job! This has to last me until I can get a used ATV4!


D’oh! I can view version number on ATV.

Don’t turn on “Dolby” in settings, it will prevent playback from starting. Version 0.5 didn’t have that setting. For some reason, it halts playback completely.


Thanks for this! My ATV is still going strong and I was thinking that this amazing project was slowly dying. I have not made the leap to an ATV 4 as I don’t like the interface at all. Plexconnect is a much better client.


Thanks man!