Plexconnect windows 10 to ATV 3



Hi guys,

I have installed the PMS on windows 10.
installed the latest python 2.7 xxx as per the link from github
Extracted the plexconnect to drive c, obtained the plexconnect from the link in github
Initially ran the Win32OpenSSL-1_0_2k.exe and then later tried Win32OpenSSL-1_1_0e.exe
Ran the commands as administrator
Then copied the trailers and tailers.pem to certificate folder
Finally clicked the
This is where i am stuck.

When i click the .py, there opens up another cmd window and immediately shuts down before i could do anything.
Can any one pls point out what i am doing incorrectly or is there an updated tutorial to install plexconnect?

I followed this link from github

Thank you.


I suspect that your Win10 is using port 80, so that PlexConnect cannot use it, and then closes. Did you take a look at this ?