PMS Keeps Stopping



I see this has been asked before but the issues and/or solutions are different. Basically up until a couple of weeks ago my Shield was (mostly) playing just fine and PMS would rarely stop of its own accord.

Since then I've moved house, and replicated my setup in the new place. From a technical point of view I didn't change anything. So NAS -> Shield -> Anthem 520 -> TV, all ethernet. The only thing that's slightly different is I now have a Sky Q hub instead of a standard Sky router for DHCP.

Initially it seemed OK, then the PMS kept stopping. Every half hour/hour. I uninstalled PMS updates, same thing. Reinstalled, same thing. Removed my USB stick, same thing. Reset the Shield and reinstalled with default PMS (this was slightly better), updated then back to same thing.

Right now it's every time I start Plex it can't find the server and I have to manually start it.

Thoughts and prayers?


Anyone any ideas?


I guess not then. I’ll just add I’ve since been running Plex on my Synology 416play and it’s been rock solid nearly a week now.


Well I had the Prblem last week too, thought about a Problem with the last update. After a few reboots of the Shield - the Problem was gone…
Its working fine now with no stops.


I have the same issue on the shield. My server does not start and will not start. It’s not just you!


@trixareforkids said:
I have the same issue on the shield. My server does not start and will not start. It’s not just you!

It’ll restart ok, but then it’ll stop itself after 30-60 mins if no activity.


Update : Since updating my Shield to 7.0.1 and updating to the latest Plex build from a couple of days back, touch wood it seems stable now. Stayed up a few hours now at least whereas it would have quit before.


hi, can you give us an update, is your shield still up and running or are your experiencing infernal reboot again ? few month ago after a soft reset everything was back to normal, but after few weeks it has started again to reboot…:frowning:


As an update. Since updating the Shield to first 7.0.1 and now 7.0.2, coupled with the latest Plex build (and disabling Live Channels, to fix ethernet disconnect issue) it’s now pretty much rock solid.

Can’t tell whether it was one update or a combo that fixed it, but I’m not going back to check :slight_smile:


thanks a lot for your feedback,
just a precision when you mention live channels to be disable, it’s in Plex option or settings of the Shield ?


In Shield settings/Apps. I only did this though because I started getting ‘ethernet disconnected’ issues when there was no network problem. Disabling the live channel and assigning a static IP got rid of that.