podcast disable in search



can you please allow me (or if it is already available explain how to) to disable pod-cast in searches (all it does for me is fill up my searches so that i can not find my media) It is really a problem when there is like thirty pod-cast in the search results.


I too would like to know how to disable the podcast search feature, and podcast everything for that matter. All it does is clutter my search and page with content I have no interest in.


You can disable the Podcast feature in the Online Media Sources section of your server settings. Here’s a quick link: https://app.plex.tv/desktop#!/settings/online-media-sources. You can’t disable showing Podcasts in search and still have the feature active, so if you do not want to see Podcasts in search, you would need to disable the feature.


thank you!


Search needs more options. No reason to search everything. Slows things down. If your search for a show. Click the box that says tv. If it’s apostasy click that. If it’s an actor click that. Etc…


I can’t restrict the search without disabling the entire feature. What a horrible limitation! I use Plex because I like to control my own media. I want to search my subscribed podcasts, not every podcast in existence. The search makes sense in an “Add a new podcast” context but to include a search of every podcast in my media search…how does that make sense? Please give me control of my content again.

I really hope that this is not a step towards becoming a media storefront. Next, I’ll search my media and find media that I don’t own but can purchase through the new PlexTra Extra store! :unamused: