PS3 - Plex keeps popping up the controls over and over



Similar to this on Chromecast:

But happening on PS3 client. If I connect to the same server using a mobile + chromecast, and play the same movie - it plays fine, which suggests a client problem.

Re-installing the app has not fixed. Any suggestions?


I have the same problem on my PS3. My PLEX server is a QNAP NAS.


Same here, seems total random, sometimes up to 20 times / movie, and sometimes never…
I’m using ps3 via 4g to Plex on w7


I’ve been having this problem for months; if it doesn’t get resolved soon I’m seriously considering using a different media manager.

Can’t watch a movie or show in peace without the distracting status bar popping up ever 4 minutes or so breaking the mood.


I’m seeing this same issue as well. The video controls popped up at somewhat random intervals while streaming a movie from my Win 7 Plex server (ver 7.5.1) to my PS3 running the latest client version. I’d say the controls popped up about 20 times over the course of the movie. Connection from server to PS3 is ethernet.


In the forum Announcements section under “Plex for PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4” there is a post dated April 25th, 2017 which lists a fix for the Playstation 4 application.

  • Fix on-screen controls sometimes popping up intermittently while playing back video

There has been no equivalent fix released for the Playstation 3, although it seems to be suffering with a similar issue.


+1, I really need a PS3 fix for this.


I can see wanting to “sunset” their PS3 work, but the PS3 worked OK until this bug was introduced.


I only started using a PS3 with Plex yesterday, and it’s still a bug. :frowning: Everything played OK, but that bug is annoying.