QNAP Plex V1.10.1.602 just died...



two weeks ago, I was wacthing a TV show with my plex updated to the last version and the X64 version for Intel Qnap, when just freeze the image and start to loading... after some minutes the plex client disconnect fro server. I can't access to the server web interface.
In those two weeks i try to uninstall and reinstall several times the version from Qnap app store, the versions from the plex.tv site. i restart several times my qnap server. nothing. i can't access anymore to the server.
These is a log

Plz help

Thank you


try to make a backup of the Plex application support folder and do a clean install. de-install the plex app via QNAP, delete the application support / library folder, optionally restart the QNAP and afterwards re-install the Plex server.

I don’t have particular experience with QNAP… on my old Synology access to those folders had been restricted to the plex user, so I had to manually assign permission to my own admin account in order to remove them.

sorry I cannot be more precise… maybe this support article gives some hint…

sorry for not explaining myself… from the log it looks like the install is seriously broken as it cannot find/access some of Plex’ data/plugin folders.


Apparently, you at one time had PMS installed on the CACHEDEV_3 pool

Is this still the case?

If not, you’ll have to manually edit the file named /etc/config/qpkg.conf
(Remember to make a backup first!)



ye the directory is CACHEDEV3_DATA/
Every time i unistall the app and the reinstall the app are created in this directory.


Is this directory present:



And if so, please provide a screen dump doing an:
ls -la /share/CACHEDEV3_DATA/.qpkg/PlexMediaServer/Resources from a terminal