raplex for odroid c2



Hi Everyone,

I want to use Plex on my TV and after searching the net for a cheap solution I found Odroid C2. After that I found out about Rasplex and if I understand it correctly it is a Linux system that's logs in to Plex instantly after boot. This is the set that I thought I get all of the items directly from hardkelnel:

  • Odroid c2 $46
  • 16gb emmc $24,5
  • case $4.5
  • dc plug $5
  • wifi module 5 $18
  • ir remote $4

I have several questions regarding it:

  1. is Odroid C2 is the best solution for Rasplex at the moment in it's price range?
  2. Are these modules that I choose compatible with Rasplex?
  3. Do I need anything else that's not in my list?
  4. In speed Rasplex is the better solution for the Os or is it the same if I run Plex from the Linux or Android Os that they give out with the card?
  5. Is emmc card better than the micro sd or the difference is hardly noticeable and doesn't worth the price difference?
  6. I want to connect it to my TV, but I have a projector also. If I'd choose to connect to it I would need an SPDIF for the audio. I found a HIFI shield add-on that provides it, but I found it in an older post that it wasn't supported. Is it still not and does it only means that If I want to use Rasplex then I can't use it but if I run Plex from Linux I can?
  7. Is there a way for an SPDIF/optical output in Rasplex?
  8. Did I post my questions to the right category?

I tried to search for answers on my own, but got confused. Please someone help me if you have the time.