Rare issue - degrading frame rate



During playback for at least 30 mins I notice that sometimes frame rate is degraded to like 12-16 fps. Resolution is to restart Plex app and resume playback. Fast forward, Pause/Play, Stop/Resume operations rarely help. No specific actions during the issue noticed on the network, like updates, NAS problems, router/switch functioning issues.

This is not related to poor NAS or network HW or 4K HEVC. Same happens on 1080p movies with bandwidth under 20Mpbs requirements.


Turn off display rate switching in Xbox settings.

This really should be listed in known issues by now…


Will try. Thanks.


So I tried Display Mode Switching option and issue persists whether it is off or on. Repro is simple:

  1. Play movie 4K HEVC HDR + AC3 in MP4 container in DirectPlay mode
  2. Press pause, wait 2 sec or
    you may try fast forward
  3. Press play
    Now frame rate is dropping for several seconds - several probably depends on specific stream. Sometimes it is 3-5 secs, sometimes it is 10-15 (previously there were cases when only restart helps). debug stats show 24p, but this is not what is actually displayed on the screen. My TV does not display actual frame rate it is receiving, unfortunately.