Raspberry Pi 3 Model B: Freezes



Hello there

It looks like I'm not the only one encountering those problems. Rather than power off/on, I usually ssh into it and either reboot or issue a 'killall plexhometheater'. To make that even easier I thought that maybe I could map the killall command to a key on my remote... would that be possible?

On another note, could the freezes be avoided by switching to a Model B2? I'm already on the newest version (, so a software update won't help. Other than that, I'm very happy with it.


Almost forgot: The freezes usually happen when coming back from standby (of the multimedia receiver), I leave the Raspi running all the time. Networking is through Ethernet, not WiFi. Also, CEC on the receiver and TV are off.

The symptoms of the freeze are that if I press buttons on the remote I hear the audio feedback from the Raspi client for about the first 5-6 key presses. After that, it’s frozen for good.


Uhm… possibly a very dumb question: Should I consider switchint to PMP? I see that it’s now officially supported on Rapberry.