remote acces is not working, wrong IP.




I am using Plex server on my QNAP.
Recently, the remote access is not working anymore.
I noticed that the port of the public IP address of the server is 0 (see screen shot).
Is it normal?
If not, how do I correct it?



So tick the manually Port box and write there 32400.
Open that Port in your router Firewall.
That should work.


Unfortumatly is doesn’t.

As you san see (see screen shot) I tryed it.
I confirm the the port 34200 is open opened.



Imeant 32400 of course.


It wokrs again.
And I did not do anything.
Could it have been coming from plex itself?


The recommended procedure in such situations is to use the Refresh button and wait (up to) 20 minutes. If the problem persists we will need to investigate.


I have been getting the same issue. Refresh ultimately fixes the problem temporarily. Eventually I lose internet access. I do notice on my router that multiple ports are opened by PLEX. At one point I had 30 rows of the type below. when I tried using on of those ports (21xxx or 28xxx) manually, it didn't open up to the internet. I think there is something wrong here. Plex didn't give me a problem until the last 6 months or so.

192.168.1.xx:32400 Plex Media Server TCP Any -> 21xxx All Broadband Devices Active
192.168.1.xx:32400 Plex Media Server TCP Any -> 28xxx All Broadband Devices Active


I have encountered the same problem. I refresh without any luck as suggested. I have the port settings and suggested port in the box in the screen shot above, although I have my server's IP address. I only encountered this problem on Friday. I am currently working with tech support for the router is see if everything is OK from that end.

For whatever reason, Saturday night, I had to do a hard reboot of the router. I did not notice the problem not being able to access Plex from outside the network until Monday. Since then, I have had not been able to access from outside the network.


I have the same problem - just started, I think with the last update. What does 'use the Refresh button' mean? Does this mean hover over the '...' for each library and refresh metadata? If not, where is the Refresh button? Thanks


Please @moody_blue or any other Plex Ninja... take a look at my post it was written in the Windows section because it was the same case and I haven´t reviewed first this section... but reviewing it now I can see that other users are experiencing something similar in your QNAP NAS like me.

Keep waiting your comments