Remote for Tautulli iOS App is here!



Last week I released the first version of Remote for Tautulli iOS App in the App Store!

Download here

Remote for Tautulli connects to your existing Tautulli server installation and gives you easy access to all data.


Tautulli is a monitoring application that you can run alongside your Plex Media Server and tracks what has been streamed, who streamed it, when and where they streamed it, and how it was streamed. For further information please refer to this post. Remote for Tautulli is not affiliated with Plex Inc. or Tautulli itself. This is not an official Tautulli app.


  • Universal app for iPhone and iPad
  • Easy initial setup using qr code scanner
  • List of current streams incl. details like user, player, quality, eta
  • List of running conversions incl. details like transcoding speed and remaining time
  • Option to terminate streams with optional message
  • All details to media e.g. summary, file size, bitrate, audio/video/subtitle tracks, duration, release date, rating, related media and more
  • Cross linking between related media, track/album/artist, episode/season/tv show
  • Cross linking to the official Plex app (if installed)
  • iCloud keychain sync for connection info (if enabled in system)


  • Push Notification for all events that are supported by Tautulli
  • Plex Media Server update monitoring incl. release notes
  • Tautulli update monitoring incl. release notes
  • Playback history incl. search
  • Recently added media
  • User list incl. details like playback statistics, recently watched, last known ip address incl. map, and user’s playback history
  • Statistics for the last 30 days e.g. most streamed movie/tv show/artist or most active users
  • Statistics graphically represented as charts
  • List and details of all libraries incl. search with access to all media details without having those streamed
  • Manual update of libraries with power swipe
  • List of all synchronized media
  • Plex Media Server logs
  • Tautulli notification logs
  • Today widget for easy and fast overview of current streams and updates
  • Management of multiple Tautulli servers incl. fast switch


Remote for Tautulli requires an already configured installation of Tautulli v2.1.9 or higher that is connected to your Plex Media Server and reachable from outside your local network.


Please see the Issues Repository.


Tautulli is a free and open source software, why isn’t the app free as well?

Basically of two main reasons. First reason is the costs of the apple developer account I have to pay for. The second reason is push notifications. As I wanted to have as less configuration changes as possible after the initial configuration for the user, I decided to run a lot of code in the cloud. This service is also not free to use. So the one time in app payment helps me to cover costs for the infrastructure that is required to keep the app running. I assume the activity tab is the most interesting part of the app for most users so I opened this part free to use for everyone.


Hi grogster, I just came across the app yesterday in the AppStore and purchased it. I think it’s absolutely awesome, but I was just wondering if you have any plans to make an actual iPad version ? I know the iPhone version can be used on the iPad but it’s obviously all stretched out in the x2 mode. If you could make this happen, I think the app would look absolutely amazing in a bigger format iPad(Pro).


Hi @Migs, thanks for using the app! The iPad version is on the list, but currently I don’t have a schedule for it, as it requires a lot of ui rework.


I am not receiving notifications to my phone but i think i’ve set everything up correctly.
Also the Today Widget shows “Server not reachable” even though the app can reach the server.


Yo grogster good work on the app. Have it all setup and have the triggers set for notifications and I can see them working in the logs, however not getting any push notifications on my iOS 11.3.1 device. Am I missing something?


@zucram Regarding the today widget I will send you a pm, hope we can solve this.

@zucram, @Neasy11 Thank you! Can you please go to Tautulli > Logs > Tautulli Logs (not Notification Logs) and search for “Starting push script”? Is there a success message “Successfully sent message” or an error message shown up at the end?


Grogster, firstly thank you for the work you put into this. The app is in a word wicked…

Regards Cypher


Grogster - Many thanks for this! I bought the upgrade immediately. One major request (unless I missed this functionality): I have three servers I monitor. Although scanning the QR code is easy, I have to be in front of my desktop to get the QR and that is not as convenient as I need it to be. Is there a way we could just switch servers within the app? THAT would make my day further. Great job on this. It looks great and works great!


Thanks guys, nice to hear!

@MaestroJAL currently there is no easy way for that, but it’s definitely on the list (together with iPad adoption), as many users requested that.


Great news! Thanks again!


@grogster Searched the logs and not seeing the “starting push script” at all…I must have missed something ha


Starting push script
Payload: {‘userData’: None, ‘title’: None, ‘serverName’: None, ‘script’: ‘1.4’, ‘ratingKey’: None, ‘serverMachineId’: None, ‘sessionId’: None, ‘version’: None, ‘user’: None, ‘action’: None}
Invalid payload


@grogster This is awesome … I just came across this post! I have downloaded the app, but am not near my PMS at the moment and I tried to manually set up the app, with no success … But will when I get in front of the server. Again, great news Tautuilli is a GREAT app and some mighty fine work!


@Neasy11 did you invoke the push by a real trigger or did you use the test form? Please setup a play trigger and then start watching any movie, the test form will not work in an easy way. Also, did you follow the script instructions and set up the arguments? There are no data filled in, that could be the reason.

@ebstone thank you! I just replied to your pm :slight_smile:




Update: just released another huge version of the app.
It now contains iPad optimization and multiple server management incl. iCloud keychain sync!


@grogster great work on the app! Upgraded to the Pro version and really like it a lot.

Any chance you could make the badge indicator for the app icon show the number of active streams? It would be a nice addition if possible.

Again… congrats and thanks for building a great app (and amazing compliment to Tautulli).


@grogster One other thing I’d like to see (if it isn’t already available) is the ability to customize the notification text. My main reason for wanting this is I like being able to see if streams are having to transcode on my apple watch alerts.


Are you only interested in getting notifications that needs transcoding? In order to solve that you could simply go with conditions (there’s for example “transcode decision”).


Ideally I’d like to be able to customize the message (so I could continue getting all alerts), but it’s far from a deal breaker so if it’s anything that’s overly time consuming don’t sweat it.