Request: Plex for BMW Apps



BMW just launched the SDK for BMW apps.

I would be happy to donate for such a development. A built in app in my car to be able to look on movies etc



This sounds completely safe, let's do this!


Thats exactly what I am looking for. Currently to play video in my BMW dvd player I have to put Video's & Movies in iPhone's Video app which is not exactly convenient. It would be amazing if my BMW got plex app and as soon as I will come home it will sync to my server.  



Is there any update for this topic? I guess, the plex client for iOS/Android has to be verified by BMW, isn't it?

Or exists a other possibility to connect Plex with BMW?


I would love to see Plex for BMW connected as well!

Being able to use this in my car would be amazing!

There are already a few apps that use the BMW connected features such as audible, glympse, tunein, rhapsody, and a few others. Please make this happen! :)


I would love to see Plex un my car too!!!

Sure that you can do this magic guys ☺️


Me too, but not in my BMW...please in my MINI, but I think.. same company, same interface :)


I can see the expense report for this: "1 BMW M3 for app testing". ;)

It would be awesome to stream your Plex music directly to your car.


Someone buy me a BMW and I'll do it.


SIgn me up. Just bought a 328i 2015 and would love to get Plex up and running. I think that BMW apps function for video is disabled while the vehicle is moving which might prevent audio streaming too? I presume that might be an issue that would need some finesse. Add me to the list of those hoping for compatibility through an Android interface in the future.


+1 yes please. Would love to see this added for my bmw.