Server gone after update



So, it had been a while since updated the rasbian distro I have running my plex server.

After a reboot, my Roku couldn't access the server. When I logged in, it forced me to create a new server.

That seems to be ok once I added my libraries.

But, I now have two servers shown on the Roku. I can access one, but not the other. Since they both have the same name, how do I get rid of the bad (old) one.

Also, while movie and music content is there, I can't find my playlists. I can't even see any way to add a playlist on the Roku.


Moving to the Raspberry Pi forum.

First to answer your question: just access the web front-end of your local PMS or use, select the “unavailable” server in the top left selection and then choose to delete the old server. You might want to change the name of your “new” server so you are able to distinguish both :wink: Or delete the old server from the “Authorized Devices” settings in the web front-end.

Then same background: You had used a tutorial to change the Linux user to pi. The update that has been available for more than a year, was unable to migrate your previous configuration. So you started with a new server that’s managed by Linux user plex on your RPi. Just take a look at the announcement threads in the official RPi forum:

Regarding the Roku client: please ask in the Roku forum: