Server keeps shutting down on my Nvidia Shield



Since a month of two my PMS (always the latest version) running on my Nvidia Shield TV, shuts down after a couple of hours. Sometimes it shuts down after an hour, sometimes it takes a couple of hours. It varies and that makes it hard for me to troubleshoot. I've tried a couple of things, like assigning my shield a fixed ip address and re-installing plex, but that doesn't fix the problem.

When it runs, it runs perfectly (remote access and all).

What could be causing this?


Mine started doing this too recently


I just logged in to search for an answer on this… just wont play anything… says cannot connect to server… nothing changed… no idea why.


I had a similar problem (my media was mounted via ethernet) but since connecting the media (usb hard drive) directly to the shield I have no more shutdowns or problem playing (which was caused by media not being available even if network drive was mounted).


Same here, since the second last update. it also means the server disappears from my cast list. the only way to get it to show up again is to launch plex (of course). but that’s a hassle . please fix.


Same here.


Likewise !


Maybe something here can help:


Same here. Since I switched to NAS, it’s been better. When I was on USB external, the drive would show 0 bytes until I ejected and re-attached. Using NAS has been better, but I’ll have to stop and restart the server 2-3 times a week. I almost wish I could set the Shield to reboot itself every night at 3am or something. I love the Shield, but this is annoying sometimes.