Shield client hangs libraries visible



I have.a rooted 2017 nvidia shield with a 128gb flash drive plugged in. Running the latest public client and server versions.

In the server app, the the PMS status has always said stopped, yet from a pc client, shield client or mobile client the server is running and will playback programs just fine, so I have concluded the server must be running and the status is reported incorrectly, and have generally ignored it, its mentioned here just in case it helps the diagnosis of the problem below.

Over the last couple of weeks the libraries have not been visible on the shield client, all that I can see are 2 options of watch later and settings...., yet at the same instant the libraries are visible on the mobile client. The mobile client works perfectly well.
As the libraries are not visible the only way I can choose something to play is using the voice control, the program I want to warch is found but when selecting plex to play it all I get is the PLEX splash screen and I am left waiting for hours with no further progress. Again I can watch the exactly the same program on a mobild app as well as a windows app. Indeed i have resorted to playing the show on the mobile app and casting it back to the shied.

So far I have tried,
Rebooting the shield
clearing the cache on the plex app
Clearing the data on the pms app
Uninstalling the plex client, then reinstalling it to the latest version.

Any ideas on how to get my client back working most welcome.

Logs attached.


I know its not a sexy problem to solve but its real and leaves me feeling very alone after signing up for a lifetime plexpass.

Silly me, thinking plex would care about its customers and help them resolve the odd problem. An answer of Reinstall and start all over again, is better than silence.