Should PLEX be usable on Nvidia Shield while offline?



Hi all,

I've disconnected broadband to my house as I'm moving in a few months so didn't want another yearly contract etc.

Anyway, I figured since the Shield is supossedly hosting my server (media is stored internally and on 2 external drives also) that it would be available for playback locally through plex so I can watch it on my living room tv.

Plex is unable to locate my server without an internet connection it seems. I used to run Plex through my Mac with media stored locally and view it in Plex Home Theatre or Media Centre without issues. Figured it would be a similar endeavour with the Shield but it doesn't seem so.

Is the server side of Plex and the playback side of Plex seperated in someway within the Shield? So that it requires an internet connection to communicate with each other?

I tethered the Shield to my phone and it found the server straight away, though it stopped every few seconds during playback as though it was buffering. Why would it need to buffer local media? There shouldn't have been much of a transcoding job required if that was the case. I was just testing old SD content to see if it would play.

Sorry if this has been asked before. I just don't see why it wouldn't locate the server when it is the server. :o



I am noticing the same issue. I am attempting to set up the shield with external storage for an RV for offline playback, however whenever the shield does not have an active network connection, PMS will not start.

Is there a way to get PMS on the shield to start even though no internet connection is active, so that I can watch locally stored media content?


Any clues?