stream from iPad to ps4



Can someone please tell me how to stream music from my iPad to my ps4? Currently the Plex App on the PS4has it searching for music from my PC, but would prefer it to read from my iPad instead

Many thanks


The cast function in plex just lets you send content that is available on your PC where your media server is running.
If you want to play music that is on your iPad it would need to be added to your PC so plex can see it in its library and you will be able to play that content on your PS4 that way but you cant send content from your iPad directly.

If you get the plex pass you can sync content to your iPad and stream/play it that way but it would still need to be in your plex library first in order to sent to your iPad.

Hope that makes sense.


Thank you for that info. . Im not going crazy after all. I was wondering why my Ipad wasnt being recognised. Not a great problem, I'll stream from the PC instead

Thanks for the help, greatly appreciated