Subs disappearing


After the last two updates I have experience subtitles disappearing from movies, series around 5-10mins into the playback they simply disappears and I tested my files with Media Player Classic with KCP and they work just fine no issues.

I am using Google Chrome on my pc and HTPC but after the past 2 updates this has happened I thought the update today the 25th of September might had addressed this issue but no, only web update could u please seriously stop the layout update and fix things like subtitling disappearing. (Not the biggest fan of the new layout doing playback)

I got files like this:
Movie-name.mkv (some got internal subtitles)

and so on, so any thing I can do like clear a cache folder or smth even using my iphone, Amazon FireTV and Fire Stick there are the same problems with subtitling disappearing and my family complains about this because my parents ain't that good with movies and series without subtitles.


Hi !
I have the same problem : it started a couple of updates ago. After 1-2mn, subtitles disappear. If I stop and start the movie, they come back, but disappear again after two minutes.
This happens with all type of clients (web, tv, etc)


Same thing happening to me too. Any update on this ?


Same issue here. Seems to be after the last few updates


I am glad to hear I am not the only one here with this issue.

One update doe is that the Plex Media Player isn’t affected but I suspect that’s because it uses the old design not the new design.

I can’t use the this on my Intel CompuStick I use as my HTPC since it’s only got a 32bit Windows 10 Home on it.


Same here on the latest PMS


Same here, it’s very annoying. Started after the last few updates for me as well. Please fix! Any updates from the Plex team


Same here when watching movies from Chrome! :frowning:


Same thing also happening when watching with Chrome, haven’t tried other sources yet


There’s a rumor going around they’re working on this issue.

Having said that - if you’re watching in Chrome that means you’re watching with Plexweb and that means you’re messing up.

Plex Media Player is the powerful stand alone player app you should be using, is NOT compromised by having to run in a browser and generally just works better across a much wider range of materials.
Top of the forum/Downloads/Get an app

When you get that fired up you’ll see it looks just like Plexweb - until you go ‘Full Screen’ then it takes on the ‘TV Mode View’ and opens up more user controls - some quite handy. I have an HDMI cable from Server to TV and use PMP quite often - considering how badly Plex is at developing apps at the moment. I control PMP with the Plex app in my phone - if you can believe it.

I don’t know if that will fix the subtitle issue, but eventually we’re hoping that gets fixed. Ultimately, however your experience will be greatly enhanced if you use PMP that doesn’t run in your browser instead of Plexweb that does.


Having the same issue for the last few months on my Samsung SmartTV app.

Any updates on this? Workarounds…?


I noticed that the latest version fixed subs for “Automatic Quality” but still this here is only problem for webui when I use the Plex Media Player everything works great sadly it’s only working on 64bit OS so my Intel CompuStick running Windows 10 Home 32bit can’t use it.