Support for DS118 - Realtek RTD1296 - NOW ALPHA TESTING




When Plex server will support Synology DS118 with Realtek RTD1296 CPU - ARMv8?



Please see this thread for any news relating to Realtek processor support.


disappointing that there is stlll nothing after 6 months!!


Also no news since the 6th March? :frowning:


It’s a shame!
It is not possible that a serious company like Synology is not able to solve the problem!


I unsubscribed from PlexPass because I see no reason to pay for services that I can not receive within 6 months, Plex disappointed with my inaction for supporting the processor RTD1296


If you had done your research before purchasing an unsupported product then you would not be in this predicament now would you?

You cannot blame Plex for that, they still have a lot of work to do and there is no guarantee that it will ever be done. Plex have not officially announced ANY support for ARMv8 processors.

We can only hope they do support them, but that is going to be a long slow road to travel.

Next time, do the research.


Your arguments are weak!
At Plex I expect it to support any product that companies like Synology produce. It was in the past. I expect it to happen again in the future.
I can not think that products have been developed without adequate support.
I purchased the NAS in November 2017: the product support was not indicated, but was considered by all plausible!
I paid Synology. I’m paying Plex. This situation is unjust!



Respectfully, review of your account shows no active Plex Pass at this time.

I am the dev who will be porting to the Realtek processors so how can I be of help?


Ciao Chuck!
you can help us finally giving us hope that Plex will be active on the DS118 and on the NAS with Realtek.
There is no information! There are no scheduled dates!
Put yourself in our shoes and you can understand our frustration!
I respect your work, but I would not have made a mistake in wanting to focus on the new DS118 and support for Plex: can you tell us if there are any news? it’s been two months since nothing is known.

Thank you!

P.S. in my shoes would you renew the Plex pass? Or would you expect better news?


I changed my mind!

to prove that I care about your work I reactivated my Plex Pass: I want to show you that I want to support you!

I hope I have placed my trust well!



Please read between my words.

I can’t officially tell you what I’m doing (ever) unless it’s something trivial like fixing the package installer or 100% within my scope to do.
I am waiting for some stuff to be delivered to me. I expect it in the next week or two.

Alles klar? :smiley:


TUTTO CHIARO! :slight_smile:

I wanted to know this!
I’m so happy that now I can not wait for the official release of LEIA … :wink: :wink: :wink:

Do a good job!!!



I’m also waiting for this support so that I can replace my DS115 finally. DS115 is low on specs and Plex is ultra SLOW… New DS118 should be sky high FAST in compare to DS115.


I’ve picked up the QNAP TS-328, which is also based on the Realtek RTD1296, so I’m in the same boat over there. Hoping the post above is a good sign, but right now tempted to return it and have to go get a different NAS. :frowning:


I’ve bought a DS418 recently. Now someone has recommended Plex as media server, but I had to find out that it isn’t supported :confused: Looking forward to some solutions!


Just a quick thought… I share the frustration with the others by not having Plex for my DS418 however there are many alternatives out there. I’m using Synology Video Station, Emby and Serviio for all the multimedia streaming. Easy to build the library and they are free. I wonder how is that Emby and Serviio were able to update their software to support realtek cpu in a short time but Plex is struggling to do the same. They both work fine with my 4K LG Smart tv and I’m sure Plex will do the same one day.


To each and everyone reading,

I share the frustration as well

I’m doing something as fast as I can

Please read my posts above very carefully. Anyone who’s worked with me knows I don’t say things lightly.
Please don’t guess, speculate, or ask questions at this time.

When I have something to say or share, you’ll all be the first to know


As French is complicated to read between lines but i undertand that hope is not dead.
My PMS runs on a old WS beside my brand new ds118 that can’t wait to do the same.
My Electric Company is happy.
So in Chuck i trust.
Best luck.



I would like to invite all Plex Pass holders to visit the Plex Pass Betas area for an announcement about ARMv8 support



To all:

It’s been two weeks so it’s time to make this more public. :slight_smile:

I am pleased to announce:

Platform Alpha Testing for ARMv8 (RealTek) processors on Synology and QNAP is now open to the general public.

It will not be available in the QNAP or Synology package/app stores until it has been formally released.
All updated binaries will be in the two threads which have been created.

The main: Test results and new binary updates

Discussion and Problem resolution